What I learned from not writing at MNM2019

This weekend I was to participate in the Muskoka Novel Marathon. It is still ongoing and continues to Monday night. I arrived late and sick with a cold so it wasn’t ideal conditions. I struggled to write and felt physically quite uncomfortable so I called it quits and came home early. Even when I took myself back to the airbnb and tried to write there, the words continued to elude me and it was bothering me that I wasn’t taking advance of this dedicated writing time. On the drive home, I took a more analytical look at the differences between this weekend and the usual ways in which I write. I knew it wasn’t only my cold that got in my way. As I thought it through, I learned quite a lot about what the optimal conditions are for me that best bring out and nourish my creative self. It wasn’t something I thought much about before and I find it useful information for the future. So here’s my list:

  1. Natural lighting.
  2. Fresh air.
  3. Cool breeze and/or cool temperature
  4. A beautiful view
  5. Comfortable and supportive seating
  6. delicious and nourishing food
  7. supportive and loving feedback; and
  8. being surrounded by the creative energy of other writers.

What’s yours?