The package with the financial reward

So about two weeks ago, I got a phone call from a market research firm called Numeris. I like doing surveys and was disqualified for all the years I was with Brian because of his work. The guy asked if I received the package in the mail with a financial reward for participating. I had not and told him so. He said they would call back again in a week because mail has been delayed recently.

The next week, I get a call again. Same question about whether I received the package with the financial reward. I had not. He said that they would send another package with the financial reward and call again in a week.
Today I received the package and I was so excited and curious to see what the “financial reward” was. I opened the envelope and pulled out this:

And then I started howling with laughter, nearly falling off my chair.

Thanks for the laughs, Numeris. I’m looking forward to your next call.

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