What’s in a Name?

When I started reading my work at public readings, I tossed around a bunch of name ideas so that I could maintain boundaries between my lawyer/mother self and my writer self. I ended up settling on “M.K. Shaw”.

I really wanted to like it. When my first publication came out in Through, Not Around, I wanted to experience the thrill of seeing my name in print.

Except that thrill wasn’t there. At least not in the way I expected it to.

And it kept happening. I would see my new abbreviated name on a poster or programme for a reading or an event and it always felt like there was something missing. My writing is intensively personal, and intentionally so. I feel called to write about things that people usually don’t talk about and in doing so, reduce shame and stigma. So much of what I write is about digging underneath the layers and shining light on things that are often shrouded in darkness. And every time, it felt like something was missing when I saw my abbreviated name next to my words.

I’ve long felt that my given name, Marlo, suited me well. it is unusual, easy to get wrong and not to everyone’s tastes. On its face, Marlo does not disclose an obvious gender or ethnic background. It is deceptively simple and it gets the job done. Just like me.

There was a brief period of time in grade 4 when I decided I didn’t like my name and wanted to go by my middle name, Karen. My teacher respected my choice however the change was short-lived when I didn’t respond to my new name being called in class.

So Marlo was back. And not just Marlo Shaw. From that point on, I was Marlo K. Shaw and sometimes when I was being especially cheeky, I was Marlo K. Shaw, Esq. I figured that I was going to be a lawyer eventually. I didn’t know then that the honourific of esquire was not used in Canada.

That is how I feel now. I tried on M.K. Shaw, and it was okay, but not the perfect fit. I am Marlo K. Shaw, mother, lawyer, writer and so much more). I can’t wait to see those words looking back at me on my next publication.


What I learned from not writing at MNM2019

This weekend I was to participate in the Muskoka Novel Marathon. It is still ongoing and continues to Monday night. I arrived late and sick with a cold so it wasn’t ideal conditions. I struggled to write and felt physically quite uncomfortable so I called it quits and came home early. Even when I took myself back to the airbnb and tried to write there, the words continued to elude me and it was bothering me that I wasn’t taking advance of this dedicated writing time. On the drive home, I took a more analytical look at the differences between this weekend and the usual ways in which I write. I knew it wasn’t only my cold that got in my way. As I thought it through, I learned quite a lot about what the optimal conditions are for me that best bring out and nourish my creative self. It wasn’t something I thought much about before and I find it useful information for the future. So here’s my list:

  1. Natural lighting.
  2. Fresh air.
  3. Cool breeze and/or cool temperature
  4. A beautiful view
  5. Comfortable and supportive seating
  6. delicious and nourishing food
  7. supportive and loving feedback; and
  8. being surrounded by the creative energy of other writers.

What’s yours?

VoicED 2019

Tonight I had the privilege of performing in VoicED 2019. I read a piece written specially for the occasion and I was delighted to see how it resonated with the audience. Never before have so many strangers approached me with their arms open to give a hug and compliment me on my work.

Like many other writers, self-doubt seeps in more than I would like and leads me to question if anyone is really interested in the kind of stories I have to tell. Nights like this show me how important this artform is and motivate me to keep plugging away at it.

Through, Not Around launch

Last night, Through, Not Around was launched. For the first time, I saw my piece in a real live book that I held in my hands. I then had the privilege of reading an excerpt of my piece to the enthusiastic audience. To top it all off, I had my husband, mother and brother there to support me. It was a wonderful night.

Through, Not Around launches tonight

Few people know the details of my experience set out in chapter 21 of Through, Not Around: Stories of Infertility and Pregnancy Loss. The process of writing and re-reading and revising my story has been immeasurably helpful in my journey of healing. I’m eternally grateful to the editors of The 16 Percent for providing me with this opportunity and I’m grateful to all the courageous contributors to this important project. I’m looking forward to reading all of your stories too.
This is also a life goal unlocked, having a piece published in a book. I would never have even submitted if not for Firefly Creative Writing and its incredibly supportive coaches and students. I’m very proud and I’m excited to read an excerpt at tonight’s launch and I can’t wait to have that collection of stories in my hands.

The book is available now on pre-sale from Amazon and you can also ask for it at your local bookstore.